Item Management

As it is known CABAL Private Servers has been here for a decade.

Since that time a lot of servers have made an appearance on the internet, which to some servers only last for 3-months and even weeks.

And have you ever wondered why their servers went off too early? To which I conducted a survey asking a group and connections of why the server went shutdown.

And the results were:

Most of them say that the number one reason why servers went down is caused by a “Black Market“, where so-called trusted staff were given access to a database and a 3rd Party GM Tool where no foot is being logged and which makes it difficult for the owner to investigate and catch the culprit.

Because of this, here’s where we come in, we from SUPREME with our update today, we’d like to introduce you to the Item Management where you can do what your 3rd party GM Tool does, with logs in every action/send. 

This also includes item generator(with Upgrades, Crafts, and Slot Options, so you won’t have to worry about Math), packaged items and scheduling of items that are to be sent.

You don’t have to give your Database credentials anymore, making sure that there are no more “Black Markets“.

More crucial-info for the web-administrator here.

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