High Quality, Beautiful CABAL Websites At An Affordable Price

Want more players? A great-looking and advanced website feature is the key element you need


We are a CABAL Website Provider.

We provide a website for CABAL Private Servers, to help owners draw their players with our advanced features built on our website at an affordable price.

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Up-Front $60 USD Then $30 USD Monthly

9 Class Ready

The website is fully optimized with 9 character class setup.

Account Manager

Block/Release Accounts and IPs with ease.

Web Post

Online Players Viewer


with email verification

Send Items

send items to a specific
player or to all online players

Vote Manager

dynamically set rewards,
sources, and send rewards

Web Shop

with four types currencies, E-Coins,
WEXP, T-Points, and V-Coins Shop

Website Settings

All settings needed for the website


Up-Front $80 USD Then $30 USD Monthly

All from Basic


Coupon / Giveaway Code

Bidding System

Simple Donation

A customizable donation tab
contains your donation details

Web Events

Lucky Spin
Guild Mission Festival


Rewards per Class
Customizable Requirements

Gift Boxes

Beginner’s Gift Box
Guild Recruit’s Gift Box
Returnee’s Player Gift Box


Free when you subscribe to standard plan until 30th of January, 2023

All from Standard

Advance Donation

Donation via PayPal, PicPay, Stripe(Visa, MasterCard), and manual actions such as GCash, Remittance, or Bank Transfers.

Create donation packages with ease, and let your users buy your package with ease.

Unbind-Item Service

Allow your player to unbind their bound items and make ’em tradable.

Play To Earn System

Allow your players to earn while playing your server.

Premium Services

Automate your Premium Services Subscription

Collection Events

Don’t get used to a manual collection cause that’s exhausting, let’s automate them.

Character Transfer Service

Allow your players to transfer their character to other accounts.