Collection Event System

Are you out of DB-Yul Event Slots, or are you having a ranking collection type of event, and you have to manually collect the collected event items and rank them from Highest to Lowest, isn’t that tiring huh?

Well, not anymore, here’s a solution for you. All collections are done automatically by an event collection maker that eases your problem.

Player Guide

  • Store your collected event items in your warehouse.

  • Visit the website and navigate to Web Events > Collection Events and proceed to the on going event.
  • Then convert your collected event items to points
  • Once converted, the system will automatically ranks and calculate your points.
  • After the event ends, a button will appear on the same page which will be used to received the rewards.

For the administrator Guide, please click here

This feature will be available to all premium subscribers on 25th of August, 2022 03:00 SGT

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