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About CABAL App

Welcome to Supreme Development, where we offer advanced Cabal Website Solutions tailored to empower your CABAL Online Private Server. Our cutting-edge website features are designed to take your server to new heights of success, all at an affordable price. With our comprehensive solutions, you can attract more players, enhance user engagement, and establish your server as a formidable presence in the gaming community. Boost your server’s potential and join the ranks of thriving servers with Supreme Development’s advanced website services.

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App Features


Advance Donation System
  • Streamline donation processes with automated payment integration from PayPal and Stripe.
  • Choose between automatic or manual donation approval for greater control.


Bidding System
  • Regulate in-game cash and enable player bidding for rare items, fostering an engaging economy.


Unbind, Option Removal Item System
  • Automatically unbind items when players choose to unbind, eliminating the need for manual intervention.
  • Effortlessly remove options from items with a seamless automated process.


Account Manager
  • Effortlessly block or release accounts and IPs, providing efficient account management.
  • Gain insights into account details, including items, equipment, and warehouse inventory for better administration.


Web Post
  • Seamlessly publish announcements and guides on your website, ensuring easy access for your players to stay informed about server updates and events.


Send Items
  • Conveniently send items directly from your phone, eliminating the need for desktop tools.
  • Schedule item deliveries, enabling automated and timely distribution to players.


Web Shop
  • Offer a variety of currencies, including E-Coins, WEXP, T-Points, and V-Coins, in your web shop for flexible purchasing options.
  • Provide a diverse range of items to enhance the player experience.


Event Manager
  • Engage players with exciting features like the Lucky Spin and Guild Mission Festival, fostering active participation and enjoyment in special events and more.


  • Effortlessly set up and track player referrals, incentivizing them to invite others to join your server.
  • Establish rewards for successful referrals, encouraging player growth and community expansion.


Gift Boxes
  • Automate the distribution of gift boxes, including Beginner’s, Guild Recruit’s, or Returnee’s Gift Boxes, with simple setup and streamlined delivery.


Coupon Code
  • Easily create and distribute coupon codes that contain items as rewards, fostering player engagement and loyalty.


Play To Earn System
  • Implement a rewarding play-to-earn system, allowing players to earn valuable rewards while actively participating in your server’s gameplay.

and more...