Character Transfer Service

We would like to introduce the most awaited feature of all time—character transfer service.

Now your players can transfer their account’s character to another account with a few simple steps.

For players just follow the guide below;

Navigate to Character Manager > Character Transfer Service

Texts in Red Box – These are the transaction or transfer types if you are the Receiver then click on it otherwise the Sender. If you are done selecting the transfer type you may now click on the agreement button to proceed. (It’s in the Blue Box) After which the Step Two: Code will be opened.

If you are the Character Receiver a code will be generated for you, click on confirm and make sure to make a copy of it and give it to the sender. On the other hand, if you are the Sender you will need to ask for a code from the Character Receiver.

Character Receiver Result Tab
Character Sender Result Tab

Once the Character Sender has entered the code, he will be asked for his Character Information that will be sent to the receiver.

If the Character Sender has completed and selected the Character Information the Result Tab view for the Character Receiver should be look like this.

As you can see, the Character Information of Character Sender has been supplied/filled.

And this time you have to select your Character Information.

The selected character will be replaced with the data of the Sender’s Character.

Click complete when you’re done. And you may now login to check the transfers.

Note: This transfer is irreversible, please use the service at your own risk. 
Please read the guide carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I rename the character that is sent to me?

Yes, the Character Sender’s name will be replaced to whatever the character name you have chosen in the last step.

I recommend having a new character created with the name of your choice before completing the transfer.

Yes, only when if the both parties have decided to complete the transfer. Both parties must be offline during the last step or the completion step. (last image above)

Anyway, if any of the party is online, an error will prompt saying the the Account is Online.

You may reach out to your Server Management with this.

Will this be transferred? Answer
Equipped Items in the CharacterYes
Items in WarehouseNo
Blessing BeadsNo
Items in Character Inventory Tab 1 – 4Yes
Honor PointsYes
Premium ServicesNo
Character Bounded Achievements & TitlesYes
Accomplished QuestsYes
Mission War ScoresNo
Guild ListNo
Buddy ListNo
Essence and Blended RunesYes
War ExpYes

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me on my Facebook Page.

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