CABAL Battle Pass

Embark with the new missions, complete your battle pass tasks, and earn awesome rewards.

Get thrilled and complete all tasks in a limited amount of time.

Player Guide

Navigate to Web Events > Battle Pass

Once you navigate, you’ll see this page.

Please refer to the corresponding numbers for each of their details below.

1Battle Pass Season Name
2Your entry Pass is either Free Pass or Premium Pass.

Click on “Buy Premium Pass” to buy Battle Pass Premium Ticket (prices may vary from server to server)
3Battle Pass name and duration of the season
4Your tier level
5Your tier points or exp

Once you completed a tier level, you may be able to claim the reward for the tier you completed. If you’re a Free user then you’ll only be able to claim rewards that are on the Free section, and if you’re a Premium User then you’ll be able to claim both Free and Premium Rewards.

To view your task, just click on the Tasks and you’ll see your task list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each season will last for 28 days.

Will I be able to claim my rewards after the Season Ends?

No, you should claim all your rewards before the Season Ends, otherwise, you’ll not be able to claim them, and there is no way to claim them.

Please give the system 10 minutes to tally or process all your tasks, after that the progress of your tasks should be updated.

No, you can only purchase one ticket per battle season.

Aside from Premium Rewards, then it will depend on your server management as to what perks they’ll add with the Premium Users.

Yes, they’re calculated per account, so every character you use in the dungeon task will be summed up.

And there are no actions needed for you, it will automatically calculate your dungeon progress.

Battle Pass Tasks will start calculating once the Battle Pass Season started.

So if the Battle Pass Starts on Dec. 06, 2022, then all your records from Dec. 06, 2022, will be calculated.

For web administrator guides: CABAL Battle Pass Administrator Guide

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