Unbind-Item Service

Do you have many pending-unbinding requests, and sometimes thought that it’s tiring and hassle to manually edit the items to unbound?

Well here in our Web Service, we offer you math-free, conversion-free, manual-free all are automated with our Unbinding Item System.

Just set up a few requirements that are required for your players to use the unbind system.

To set up requirements just go to your ‘Administrator Panel‘ and ‘Unbind Manager‘ select a type of payment/requirements.

List of Payment/Requirements available

  • Alz
  • T-Point
  • E-Coins
  • Item ( could be Unbinding Minesta Stone (Armor, Weapon, Jewellery, Bike) )

Note for Website Administrators: I have sent you an email containing additional requirements for the Unbinding System to work without that, the System won’t work.

The current system only works for Account Bound Items, and the Character Binding Option will be added a week later after this release of the System.  

Unbind System is now working on both Account and Character Bounded Items.

[Guide] – How to use the Unbinding System?

Proceed to Game Service and Unbind Item

Before that, make sure the item you would like to unbind must be stored in your warehouse.

Example Item: Palladium Blade + 11

Then logout, and go back to unbind item.

Find the item you wish to Unbind, in this case, Palladium Blade + 11 [ 3 Slots ]
You can see the slot options in the Before & After Unbind Service section. Then click Process Unbind.

Then go back to your character and check the Cash Inventory with the unbound Item

Epic Option and Grade will remain.

Then you’re done. Congratulations on your unbound item.

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