Bidding System

Do you have any items that are so rare to get or loot? Due to its rareness, only a few have those?

Maybe you just like your players to have this item in the rarest possible? Then have it auctioned using the system where your players bid on the auctioned items and the highest bidder wins and get the items.

The bidding / Auction System is now out for all Standard-Subscriber for free.

To begin:

Administrator Side

  • To create an Auctioned Package navigate to “Auction Manager
  • And their click on “Add Bidding Package” fill the required details and requirements
The image above is the created “Bidding/Auction Package” to manage an Item to its package just click on the “Add Items” and to view Bidders just click on “View Bidders
  • Once everything is set up. Your players can now start Bidding the Auctioned Package

Player Side:

  • Look for “Auction” menu below the “Coupons” menu
  • Select a package to begin with and then the guidelines when promt.


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