Guild Mission Festival Update

A great battle is in motion that requires the strength of truly brave Heroes. Enter the Guild Mission Festival!

Play, Enjoy, get Thrilled, join them with their missions, and be on top of all Guilds.


Selecting a Character Participant for Guild Mission Festival

  • Log in to your account
  • Navigate to Character Manager > Character > Manage Guild
  • Then select your character to use in the Guild Mission Festival Event.

select_character.png (444×158)

Accepting missions

  • On the page, you’ll see the ‘Accept Mission’ click on it, and start your journey.
  • Note: You can only accept missions one at a time, so you must either complete or give up on missions in order to accept other missions.

accept_missions.png (1218×638)
  • On the same page, you’ll see your Progress & History as well, it will list the in progress, given up, and completed mission status.
  • When you completed the required dungeon runs you have to click on the Submit to completely complete your mission.


  • Guild and Individual Rewards will be earned/claimed after the guild mission events.
  • Random Rewards can be claimed right after you competed a mission. (if there are random rewards set by the administrators)

Guild Mission Festival Ranking Lists

  • Navigate to Web Events > Guild Mission Festival to view all the ranking lists.

If you have questions, you can comment below or ask your Server’s Admin in their perspective Discord Servers.

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  1. Cool update, I wish the server that I have played had this feature too…baka naman? for the server that I’ve played pls adapt this kind of feature.

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